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This new procedure is suitable for all paints and surface coating may be involved in different patterns. Already a number of developed countries has gained great popularity in the VTN technology. Sophisticated car engine tuning workshops are held in the VTN impossible to dispense material. But it is also used in many other areas. Only solution to the most extreme forms of sample prepared by coating. The circuit uses only the imagination can impose limits. The durability of the same finish.

The end result everyone knows, for example. this procedure are the so-called factory-wood paneling and carbon deposits on cars, but you can see even household appliances, electronic equipment, furniture and many more items pattern trim with VTN.

You can change your car, engine optics, or even your computer, laptop or your company's own products can also custom design. Today the competition is high and may have to this technology can increase traffic and market share. The procedure already adopted in Western Europe, and proven technology for factories and plants in the field as well. The application area is unlimited. The procedure can not be compared to the conventional lamination.



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