What is VTN film?

Transzferes water pressure. With this revolutionary process of decoration suitable for all paints and surface coating may be involved in different patterns. Whether in metal, its alloys and plastic.

The procedure can not be compared to the conventional lamination. The VTN-Foil is a thin film of paint is used as a carrier. The
°C water and melt and effect of the activator filmrétegre applied only to the sample remains in the finished paint surface. Thus, most of the more interesting objects in the form of three-dimensional patterns can be seen in full.

The finished surface, no edge, and a perfect fit. Polishing, heat resistant to 180 degrees and many years of resistance to external influences. Let the sunshine, 40°C degrees or -20°C degrees cold. The VTN-staining using this technology in all possible three-dimensional objects is possible.







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